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Letter of Recommendation.

A call to Integrity.

An appraisal, a vote of confidence, a recommendation all synonymous. This is what we thrive on in job search, academic pursuits, building a good network, career progression and promotions, and building beautiful relationships.

It is therefore safe to assume that, if you meet all requirements of an interested party, a good letter of recommendation will set you apart from the rest. When we present applications be it for a job, a promotion, academic pursuit or any other valid reason, we state reference persons who can vouch for us and be testators of our skills, aptitude and most importantly our character. In my experience, I will bet on someone who knows me well, and will present all the facts about me.

In my life, I have two memories of people vouching for me in my presence. In both cases I was humbled and stunned at the fact that people actually observe your actions and formulate good or bad opinions about you. I also felt good within my spirit knowing that, I am an inspiration to someone and I was at least in my own feeble way, with my wretched life (or so I thought) fulfilling the admonishment of Jesus Christ to be the light of the world.

As a young Christian, I have learnt a few things and I wish to draw out two truths pertaining to this subject.

1. Jesus Christ died for me, took the blame, the shame, the infirmities and the iniquities. He rose again and ascended to be with my Father in Heaven. He is constantly interceding on my behalf and yours too if you believe. To me, this is the best recommendation or appraisal I could ever receive. In the eyes of God, I am holy, righteous, spotless, blameless and victorious. Even in my flaws, I am still worthy because that is what Jesus said about me. God believes this and accepts because ONE who is worthy and has a good reputation says so.

2. In my quest for a career path, I have constantly stated about three people I believe will give a fair and just assessment of me as references over the past four years. Having worked with them as a student or an intern, hopefully they know me well enough to be willing to put their integrity and reputation on the line for me. I am very grateful for these people and their contribution to my life.

What’s the point I am making here?

Whenever someone vouches for you, they are putting their hard earned reputation on the line. It is therefore on you to live up to the standards you have presented to that individual. No pressure here to be a people pleaser; that’s not what I am advocating for. I am just saying, so many of us present a facade or have the tendency to do so just to become the “YES MAN”. I will rather have you know the true me, just so you don’t get surprised or disappointed when my flaws come to light eventually.

I personally believe that in this world, I am a walking letter of recommendation. People observe my way of living, my speech, my actions and inaction and may be influenced by me. I believe it is on me to be the true and the best me. So then no matter where I am, my true self and character must be evident.

Its very easy to categorize our lives as Christians. In church, we are very diligent and serve with all we have. At home or at work, we are totally different. We tend to approach tasks and responsibility with apathy and negligence. In these environments, we tend to put God in the clown box only to set Him lose on Sunday. We tend to want to please the people who we hold in high regard. Our integrity is in question when these people are absent.

Don’t be the loving husband and super dad at church or in public and then be a tyrant and a monster at home. Remember your children are watching and will learn from that. God is watching as well.

Don’t slack off at work because your supervisor is not watching. Don’t overstay your lunch break on purpose to skip some hours. That is a tarnished recommendation right there. Remember, promotion time is approaching and I have three questions for you;

When you take on a leadership role, will you be okay to see your team with the work ethic you have now?

Will you be able to ask your team to be better when they act the way you do now?

Will people ever want to look up to you?

You may not believe in God or His Son Jesus Christ and I totally respect that, but if you have read this to this point, I hope you will pick some life lessons from it.

Do not put the reputation of the people who vouched for you in the gutters. With that said, make sure you don’t put on a mask as well when it comes to your character. Also, some things can be corrected and changed through discipline and diligence. Work on you, grow, replace some bad habits formed over the years with good ones.

There is a path to success and you can choose to take it. You are a walking letter of recommendation of Jesus, your parents,your wife, your children, the children in your community, your friends, your college professors, your pastor and your former boss.

Believe me when I say this, people are observing you. When they “read” you, they will either want to be better people with you as a role model or have nothing to do with you at all.

Be your true and best self regardless.

God bless you!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the King!


Ancient Words!

Words have power! The words we use are very consequential. Whether they be good and sound and uplifting or they be bad, disturbing or demeaning, words carry such weight. Words can affect our psyche and cause us to question a lot of things we already know to be true.

Words can bring hope and joy. Imagine a friend or a companion who always speaks to your soul and causes peace within even when you feel down trodden and defeated. That friend knows exactly what to say to calm your fears and give you new hope and an encouragement genuinely. This kind of friend, cares about you so much that they will tell you the truth all the time. They are ready to point out your mistakes and seek to correct you in love and restore you to a healthy place.

On the flip side, words can still bring discouragement and dig a well of sadness in the heart of men. Imagine a friend who will only spew negativity and make the situation worse than it already is. A companion who will burst out these words “I told you so” when you are in dispair. This kind of friend will only stroke your ego, and make you feel okay even when you are making mistakes that can cause hurt and pain in future. They are ready to sugar coat things, and encourage you to continue down a path that is headed to damnation.

I don’t know about you, but I will give anything to have a companion who is in the former category. A person who encourages and genuinely wants to see me at peace and be happy. Because let’s face it, there is too much going on and the weight of the negativity of this world can be overwhelming. The last thing anyone needs is that brother or sister who makes the situation worse. A friend who corrects me in love when I am being unwise is the kind of friend I want.

Reality check though ; there are times when we all act like jerks in one way or the other. We can be that negative energy in the room. I am learning constantly to be a carrier of positive energy, but there are days that I am just not having it. I tend to lose patience and before I know it, I act or speak some discouraging words. In my case, most of the time those discouraging words I speak are spoken to myself.

Let’s talk about the friends who always disappoint too. They promise to be there through thick and thin but when we need them the most, they disappear. Not chastising anyone, we are all guilty at some point. Even the nicest person can disappoint himself or herself more times than they are willing to admit to.

I have discovered that in our limitations as men, we miss it. But God is sovereign. He is not man, He can’t lie and He can’t go back on His word. So then I am reminded to look to Him to be the friend who I can rely on.

On one such internal dialogues, God taught me one thing. The Bible is the very word of God and the only way to relate to the words and see them as life giving words is through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

The historical accounts of the Bible has given me such an impression which unfortunately has led me to view the Bible as a story book. The words in there seem so far fetched for me sometimes. They are so ancient that I begin to think hard about it. Could these ancient words be true? And to make matters worse, its brought me to a place of viewing God as some old man with grey hair and white beard on a throne somewhere in the universe.

In as much as that is the case sometimes, I also see an amazing power displayed in the Bible and I am confident that the words are true. The peace I obtain and the joy that comes from reading the word of God, testifies to the power and the truth of God’s word. In moments when I feel defeated, nothing picks me up like the soothing word of God! So then I know that this is not just a story book containing mere words.

As ancient as the words in the Bible may seem, they are very true and living even in this day and age. The potency of the word is seen at work in our modern society as it has been in the generations before us and I know even for generations yet unborn, the Word of God is true and potent.

God’s word has the power to encourage us, uplift us, give us hope and strengthen us. The words in the Bible is able to give us peace and joy beyond the storms of the world. Now the decision to make the Word so tangible to us today as it was in ancient times is in our hands.

Faith is the first step. Believing the word of God in our heart is what we need for starters. When we take the word in its entirety, we see Christ Jesus revealed throughout. Once we exercise faith to believe in the sacrifice of Christ, we receive the salvation of the Lamb. After the salvation, comes the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit comes, he will guide us into all truth. He will teach us what we need to know. He will comfort us through His Words just like any good friend will do. He will correct us when we go wrong and will do so in love. That sounds much like the kind of friend I will choose to have.

Are you feeling defeated today? Is your heart heavy with sorrow? Are you feeling lonely at the moment? Does it feel like everyone who promised to love you has abandoned you? Dear friend, you are not alone! I know exactly how you feel. We all do go through those moments. I am here to encourage you though, I have experienced this and I know its true. That’s why I am confident to share this with you. God is your best friend, a brother, a teacher, your advocate and above all your FATHER!

When He speaks, things happen. He will watch over His Word to perform it. Everything He has said to you, shall surely prevail. You may be asking this question this very moment ; “if His word is true, when will I see it happen? ” I can’t give you a specific time line because who has known the mind of God? No man and certainly not me. But I can give you this assurance.

Just as a baby stays in the womb until the due time to come into the world, or a cake stays in the oven until its well baked, so it is with the word of God becoming alive in your situation. I don’t think we want things delivered prematurely or in any state less than the best. In that same light, God loves you and I so much so that He won’t give us half baked cakes or babies that aren’t fully formed.

Gods words are not ancient words, they are Spirit and life. They transcend what we can see, they have the potency to cause change, bring upliftment, and give peace. His words are true today as much as they were in ancient times, because God doesn’t dwell in time. Believe in His Word no matter what.

God bless you.

We are Kingdom men and we serve the King.

Serve The Season.

Photo Credit: The Bible App.

Planning and having a blueprint for what we wish to accomplish over a period of time is a part of our lives. In as much as we do plan, often times our plans don’t work as we would have wished. Things come up, unexpected occurrences and demands of life may cause our plans to fail.

Out of college, I had a blueprint, I had a plan like everyone else. I had hoped that all things will work out as I had planned. Reality check; I was naive to think that the real world of adulthood was a fanfare and a rosy road.

I failed to get the job of my dreams and what followed was a downward spiral of all my other dreams. I had hinged all my other dreams on this one dream of becoming a naval officer.

I thought I heard God say that’s the career path I want you to take. My disappointment became grieve, I recounted the hours I had spent, jogging at dawn, learning how to swim and reading about life at sea. I was confused, I asked God, why so many times. I felt He was silent or perhaps I couldn’t look past the disappointment to hear His voice.

I got a job as a retail assistant at a mall. While I worked there, I kept tabs on the recruitment process and for the next two years, I applied two more times and was denied twice more. At this point, I gave up on that dream. I set my focus straight and ready to find a new career path. I am still on that journey at the moment.

Through the disappointment and the setbacks, one thing was clear, I purposed in my heart to flourish wherever God had planted me for that season. I knew where I wanted to be. I could percieve it within the scope of my vision yet I knew I didn’t have control over the outcome or when exactly it will happen. With that said, I am not advocating that you do nothing. Pray, have a plan inspired by God and then ask for His grace to proceed.

We only have today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed so I choose to serve the season. Its hard not to think about tomorrow and its okay if you do. In fact its good to have plans. What is not good is to worry about how the plans will come to manifestation. If the plans become obsessions so much so you are willing to compromise on moral standards to achieve them, then there is a problem.

In every season, God is at work. He never sleeps or takes a break on affairs pertaining to your life, because He loves you so much. God will take care of His children always. Its just that we are impatient and we wish everything to happen instantly.

Dear friend, you may have heard this over and over, ‘Patience is a Virtue’. It almost sounds like a cliche now. Its like the card that motivational speakers or pastors pull out to encourage people when they are in hard times. If you will however see it in the light of the Word of God, you will see that it is very true. In Galatians 5:22-23,patience is a fruit of the Spirit.

I want to encourage you today, be patient while you wait. You can’t control time, you can’t change the outcome by being agitated. God will do what He will do. He is in control of what we can’t control. Take charge of what is in front of you, that which you can control and then do your best. Whatever you have to do as service in the season, do it with all of your heart and with all diligence.

Don’t despise the season and approach it with apathy. If you have a job that’s not your dream job, its still your job so give it your best. I know how it feels to be in a job you don’t like but I have learnt that as long as what I am doing is legal, and is influencing someone or a group positively, I will give it my very best and seek the glory of God even through that job. God calls His children to excellence, so we can’t afford to live a life of mediocrity.

I am always inspired by the life of Joseph and how he approached all the issues in his life. In every situation, wherever he was, he served diligently, in Portipher’s house, in prison, and in the palace. And we see time and time again, that the LORD always showed him favor. He excelled in whatever he did because he was diligent in service.

Like Joseph I am learning in every season, to give my all, to give my best as much as I can with hope and assurance in my heart that He who has promised is faithful and He will accomplish what He has promised.

While you wait, serve with diligence, integrity and purity. Don’t compromise and don’t settle. Pray for guidance and discernment. Study more of God’s Word and draw inspiration from the saints who have run the race. God is able to bless us abundantly so that in all things, at all times, having all we need, we will abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Don’t give up, God is not done with you Dear friend, serve the season and watch God bless you!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the King!


A Few Good Men!

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.
Isaiah 53:6

“Quality over Quantity”. I have heard this phrase used many a times to make a distinction between two things that look same but one outweighs the other in terms of intrinsic value.

A mechanically sound car is worth much more to you in terms of stability, than five cars that are faulty. That one good car will save you the stress, of being late to work or an important appointment. Having one good pair of jeans is better in my opinion, than having twenty that are made with inferior fabric. Because then I could have the fabric rip apart when I least expect it. That will mean a couple of things, disgrace in public being top of the list.

In our world today, there is an unfortunate trend that saddens my heart. We see it, we hear it, and we read about it. I am probably going to get on some nerves here but I just have to go ahead because for change to happen, we must speak the truth without fear or favor.

Dear Men, the rate at which we tend to ignore responsibility is getting out of hand. We have a duty to the people in our lives. We are called to serve, to teach and to lead; first ourselves, then the children we get the privilege to interact with daily and if you do get blessed with the gift of marriage and a family, your wife and your children. It’s not like we don’t know this, we do. Its just about negligence.

Today’s vices and skyrocketing immorality and crime surge is vastly attributed to the actions of irresponsible men and the inaction of some responsible men. I can go on and state scenario after scenario but it will only prolong this message. Besides, I am after the solution, not the problem.

I strongly believe, there are quality men out there still. I feel a bit agitated when I hear some women say all men are the same. I won’t justify prejudice yet who can blame these women? The example they have been left with is what they present. Some women have been hurt time and time again. Some are trying to take on the role of a father as well. I have the utmost respect for these women, God bless them.

There are still great men out there doing exploits for the Lord. Men seeking to glorify God in all their ways. Men who lead their family in the statutes of God. Men with solid character and they are trying their best to be better and do better. Learning constantly and daily how to lead and be a good example. If you are such a man, God bless you and more grace to even do better.

On the other hand, there are so many Christian men today who have become passive. We have the numbers, so many men turn up on Sunday to church and yet there is no change. The problem is not the pastor or the leaders, its us the individuals.

So I ask, What happened to us? And by “us”, I mean Christian men. How did we miss it? Where did we go wrong?

I will tell you!

We severed our relationship with our Father in heaven. We stopped praying. We stopped reading the Word of God. We stopped modeling our lives after the ways of our LORD through the washing of the Word. We lost communion and fellowship. Being in church is great, but what happens when the service is over? Our relationship with God has been limited to two hours and a half on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Inevitably, knowledge is limited, wisdom is absent, understanding is vague, and discernment is scarce. So definitely things get out of hand. This is a wake up call to all kingdom men. God is bidding us to come back to Him. The original blueprint of leadership is available for our reference if and only if we will allow Him to show us the way.

Another cancer is we seek the world’s knowledge and opinion on kingdom sensitive matters so we miss it. We have a seemingly good system and that has become the norm. The system of this world is in opposition to the Kingdom of God. Even those things that come close are corrupted. It takes discernment to tell the difference.

We can’t lead and teach and serve if we don’t know how. We have to be willing and with humility and penitence return to communion in the secret place. God is willing to teach us how to lead. He will wash us and invest His grace in us so we can know how to lead.

If we go back to the start and rekindle our relationship with our Father in Heaven, I believe we can have quality over quantity. We will be able to have more Kingdom men who will step out and be the change in their sphere of contact. It starts in our homes, and then to the community and then to the world. And by this other people will know we are His. We will radiate light and exude love and be a testament of the Gospel of Christ by the way we live. We will be able to start a new trend!

Don’t be passive. Don’t get caught up in comfort and convenience. Its easy to watch and do nothing because its not affecting you directly but I present this to you. That child you see in the neighborhood with no father figure or mentor, may become the criminal who breaks into your home in a few years.

Its very easy to come up with excuses not to act, just writing this, I can think of two already; Money and time. But I put this to you, if you decide to take a stand and seek God in this He will direct you and help you. You have time if you make time and I reckon you don’t need millions to start making an impact. Start by encouraging a child at a time and watch what happens.

I have one mission with this message today and its not to judge anyone but to present a more excellent way. I strongly believe if at least twenty and five men will read this and put in an effort to practice it and go on to share with one man each, we can start a revolution that will shift the destiny of the next generation of young people.

I hope this is inspiration to whet your appetite for change. Be with God in the secret place, then step out and give glory to God through your service to these young children!

God bless you.

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the King!


This Blog is inspired by the Parable of the 10 Virgins.

Dedicated to all Young Adults.

Matthew 25:1-13

In our day and age, technology has made things a lot easier and faster. Applying for a job, ordering pizza, getting a date for that party, getting an actual date for the long term relationship. The possibilities and scenarios are endless! Some good and some bad, but I think it is what it is. You just control that.

With so much power in the palm of our hands, what do we do with it? Yet again a 21 feet deep Olympic size pool won’t be able to contain all the answers.

The focus of this blog is on the opportunities we can have coming our way and how we respond to them. So let’s dive right in!

We pray for jobs, we see the job advertised and we apply, we have enough time to read and learn about prospective questions to be asked. But we won’t, we would rather spend time watching Netflix and chill. We show up to the interview unprepared and that’s a missed opportunity!

You are asking God to send you a mate so you get married, the question is are you ready? I hope you know marriage is hard work and its sustainace comes by prayer and sacrifices. Sacrifices you know nothing about and a prayer you haven’t bothered to pray.

All you have to go on with is a selfish desire and your corrupted mindset that marriage will magically cure the lust or the fairy tale notion of a prince coming to sweep you off your feet, take you on a magic carpet ride singing Alladin’s ” a whole new world”. And then a happily ever after. (I love Disney don’t get me wrong)

In the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 are wise because they carried extra oil for their lamps and 5 are foolish. Notice that they all had an even playing field from the beginning, same time to prepare and wait on the groom. During the preparation time, 5 planned and prepared for what is to come. 5 did enough but not their best! The end of the story tells the outcome.

In perspective, you can have a lamp and it will be useless, in a job context, you can have good vocabulary, nail the outfit to the T and be very handsome and all but your lack of preparation will ruin it for you.

In relationships, you can be very pretty, dress well, have lots of money but naivity and ignorance will ruin it before it even starts.

I am not saying I am perfect and I have it all figured out. Far from that, but I’ll entreat you to spend time on yourself, don’t waste your waiting time. Read about what sets your heart on fire. Discover the industry you wish to get into while you wait. Read good books on relationships and marriage and while you are at it stay pure. Purity is very important, don’t be fooled to think otherwise!

Pray a lot about it too, nothing is more tragic than an opportunity that is void of God’s endorsement. Ask for discernment so you don’t make some mistakes. Ask for directions so you make the right decisions too! Your willingness to submit it to God gives Him the permission to step in and act on your behalf!

Be a wise virgin, wait well, when the groom comes you won’t be found wanting! I hope this inspires you to do something worth your while today.

God bless you!!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!!!


Yep! You read that right. The above caption is a time stamp. Perhaps you are wondering, what is this one about? I decided to take a few days off and dedicate time to seek answers to so many questions that weighed heavily on my heart. Oh it was a good couple of days and such bliss after it all.

Did I get my answers? Yes and No! The aftermath is the inspiration for this very blog. The very life we live as Christians is not one that is free of trials and hard times. We all have our highland moments and the valley moments. The good times and the bad, the rosy and easy and the tough and brutal.

A typical highland moment is when you land that job, that will launch your career and set you up for the rest of your life. A typical valley moment will be when the month ends, and there is no money to pay the bills. We all have had our share in one form or the other. I am pretty sure at some point we have all paid some emotional taxes or suffered physically too.

When I’d prayed, God didn’t just respond with the direct answers I anticipated. But He did respond with two words, TRUST and WAIT. Now here I am as human as I am I had a follow up question. “How long? “

Just then, He drew my attention to the life of Abraham. Abraham had waited 15 years for the promise of Issac to be fulfilled. God came through eventually on His word. When all seemed settled, God now says, take your son Isaac, the one through which the promise will be fulfilled and sacrifice him.

Having read this over and over, I realized the variables involved. 15 long years of waiting, frustrations and sleepless nights wondering if his servant will be his heir and then now he has to kill Isaac. I would try to reason it out with God if I were in that position. But God definitely had a plan.

I reckon its same for us a lot of times. Well at least for me its familiar. Waiting is hard, its tough, hope deferred causes weariness. However I want to encourage you today, God will come through for you.

You see, God has done it before, he will do it again! Just look at His faithfulness and His provision in the past and be encouraged. Perhaps you are just at the verge of giving up on the dream, the career, the relationship, the promise God has given you. You are perhaps thinking its not worth it, what’s the point in waiting any further, perhaps contemplating suicide.


Due to Abraham’s obedience, in the very last minute, the last second and to the dot of the millisecond, God showed up. Oh and He did show up in grand style, He provided a ram for the sacrifice! I urge you dear friend, when it feels like its been too long, tell yourself ” I have got one more shot in me”! Keep taking a step at a time. He has said in His Word, the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way. (Psalm 37:23)

Stay in the presence of the Lord, remain faithful, trust and obey every word He has spoken to you. Write them down. Every vision, every promise, every word, write it down and make it plain in your journal so that an herald (you and His angels) will run with it. For the revelation is for an appointed time, it speaks of an end and will not prove false. Though it will seem like its taking forever, it will surely come and will not delay. (Habakkuk 2:2-3). With that said, if you don’t have a journal please get one. God has a lot to say to you!

Be ready to have your mind blown. God is still doing miracles like this and He does them, in such a way that no one can explain them logically. I mean once logic can be attached to it, it seizes to be a miracle right?

He will do it such that no man can ever take the credit for what He has done in your life. He loves you and He won’t leave you or forsake you!

At 11:59:59 He will show up!!

Sincerly, I don’t know who needs to hear this but I had to publish this in obedience. I pray this will give you some peace even in this time of uncertainty. You can draw inspiration from Travis Greene’s song “Made a Way”.

Share this to encourage someone. God bless you!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve The King!


Lighthouses are always found on the shores of the sea. They are tall towers with a high beam light focusing on the sea. In ancient times, way before automated systems and technology, lighthouses were manned and kept by humans. It was operated at night and whoever was stationed at the tower had one responsibility; sway the high beam light from left to right over the sea coast to as far as it can get towards the horizon.

The purpose for casting the light beam onto the sea is to help sailors know they were getting closer to coast. Sailing at night can be daunting. I reckon in the days where technology was not so prevalent, it was easy to get lost at sea. The lighthouse was therefore a sign of hope that land is near. They were positioned strategically as well along the coasts of major cities or towns, so sailors can dock at night if need be and continue the journey the next day.

Thinking about the use of the lighthouse, there was a resonance within about how the Christian is referred to as the light of the world. And I thought to myself, how does this fit in and how do we identify with this?

Hopefully we can answer the above question and get the scope of how this applies to the Christian life.

I have never been to sea or never been on a boat, my observation from documentaries and movies of people lost at sea has given me a third hand experience about the subject though. At least I know its not a pleasant experience for a number of reasons. Some reasons will be:

Running out of food and drinking water, night storms, running out of fuel and there is the high probability of death. So often I have realized that, at that point when its so tough, no news sounds good like the sighting of land just beyond the horizon. That is hope of life.

When a ship at sea spots a lighthouse, that is hope for the sailors especially when they had struggled or just pulled through a raging storm to get there. There is joy and the assurance that things will get better soon.

What the lighthouse is to a lost ship or boat, the Christian is exactly that to men in a cruel and brutal world.

There are people in our world today seeking answers. People are lost at sea and searching hard, for the first sight of land to rest. The world is brutal, and hands out cruelty and devastation in diverse ways. Ranging from hunger and poverty to injustice and slavery to terrorism and mass murder to pandemics and disasters you just name them.

Often we ask this question “Why?” Both Christians and Non Christians alike. Well the answer is the perversion of the original plan of God by the enemy is the causative factor of all these things.

Now God desires to have us live in peace and harmony. He seeks the best for His children at all times. We are in this world and obviously its not glamourous. Its hard but I have good news! When we decide to go with God through His Son Jesus Christ, it is easy to navigate the crisis of this cruel world. His yoke is easy and His burden is always light! (Matthew 11:30)

As Christians we have Christ in us and we are called to be a lighthouse on the shore of the worlds sea. We are called to make the world a better place. We are called to spread love, joy, peace, kindness, patience and positivity. We are called to advocate for justice and freedom, for equality and fairness. We are called to be good examples to all around us. We are called to expose the darkness of the world and restore people to the marvelous light.

Are we ready to respond to this call? Being a light is the best way to cause a shifting in our world today. Dear friend, Live a life that honors God and exemplifies Jesus Christ. As you do, your light shines and becomes a gathering point for all the ships lost at sea. The answers that the lost seamen are seeking are found in the truth of the word of God. The Bible says the entrance of His Word gives light and gives understanding to its simplicity. (Psalm 119:130)

When we take his Word and we live it out, we carry light and the light draws men unto God. He has said yet again that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself. (John 12:32). I will encourage you to be the light wherever you are and whichever season you are in.

In this season of a pandemic, there is enough negative news out there already. Panic and fear grips people and causes anxiety and depression. How about we as Christians be the voice of optimism. We trust in the sovereignty of our Father to deliver us. Let us encourage people and spread faith and positivity instead of fear and negativity.

Remember that there is this poor, fainting, struggling seaman you may rescue, you may save!

Share this to encourage someone in this trying moment.

God bless you!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!

Uncharted 2.

The ‘Consignment’ for the Assignment!

My obsession with the Navy is quite evident in this very blog and the last one (Uncharted 1). In the last blog, I spoke about what it means to set sails even when the destination is not pinned. I reckon also that we need some vital things to get to the destination.

As promised, this second part seeks to point out some very key things we need as Christians on this journey. For the purpose of this blog, I will call that ‘the consignment.’ A ‘consignment’ is everything which is necessary for a given assignment. Typically, when any nation has a maritime mission, the generals of the navy and whoever is involved, come together to decide what is needed for the assignment.

The Christian walk is no different. Everything we need has been provided by our Father in Heaven. He has given us ALL things pertaining to life and godliness.(2 Peter 1:3). Let’s dive right in and see what we need as we go through uncharted waters.

1. A Captain.

A ship always needs a captain. The plan for sailing is implemented by the captain. He ensures that there is effective coordination of the resources at his disposal to get the ship to its destination. He or she is trained to know what to do in every situation at sea. He calls all the shots. Without the vision of the captain and his guidance, the ship is bound for shipwreck.

The Lord should be the Captain of every Christian! In a ship where the directives and the vision of the Captain are ignored shipwreck is inevitable. A Christian who ignores the directives of the Lord is bound for spiritual shipwreck!! ( Louder)

2. A Map

A map is also very necessary to help in navigation. One can argue at this point that venturing into uncharted waters, what do you need a map for? While that can be a valid argument, at least having some documented guidance will make the journey easier.

The map in the life of every Christian is the Word of God in writing. The Bible is our map as Christians. We ought to read the Bible and seek to apply what is written there in to aid our voyage.

3. A Compass

Another very important instrument the Captain uses is a compass. The compass has the cardinal directions needed to implement the directions the cartographer has laid out on the map. Without a working compass, the map is useless. A working compass has to point North for starters and have a working dail to point the right direction at anytime.

As Christians, our compass is not external, its not an object. Our compass is inherent and is a person. The Holy Spirit is our compass. That’s the promise of God to us concerning the Holy Spirit. He guides us into all truths, He guides us to understand the Bible when we read it.

Just as a map without a compass is useless, the Bible without the revelation of the Holy Spirit is just ancient words. With the Holy Spirit we can understand the very words of God and relate to them on a personal level. We can then apply the revelation of the word to the peculiar situations we each face on the voyage.


Also we recognize that, to get the ship to port, we need sailors. Without the sailors its tough, and I dare to say it is impossible to get to the destination. They work together to implement the captains vision and plans for the voyage.

Dear friend, let me burst your bubble! You need help! You can’t do this alone! You need Godly wisdom and counsel that comes only from friends. There are times when we need some encouragement too. Let someone help you and you will arrive safe and sound!

Yes there are times where you have to keep some directives to yourself, but let the people that God sends your way lend you a hand when it is necessary! With that said, pray for discernment to know who you allow into your circle of friends.

I want to encourage you today, whatever God is prompting you to do today, whatever action He has asked you to take, step out in faith and take it! Its evident that He has provided everything we need. Trust Him, He knows where He is going with you. You won’t see the destination at the start. Just know that, at the end of your voyage, you will have a wonderful story to tell.

As I end this two part series, I feel so inspired to trust God even more. He has proven beyond doubt that He is always with us. He Is and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

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God bless you!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve The King!

Uncharted 1

Vasco da Gama was one of the great voyagers of the 15th century. He was the first person to successfully cross the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean. (Lisbon to India). I really wish I can have an exclusive interview session with him. I guess that’s not happening. Documented history says that he left the shores of Portugal, not knowing where he was headed but he set sails anyway.

He successfully navigated uncharted waters and found his way to the shores of India! Before that, it was thought impossible, perhaps for mythical reasons or lack of bravery.

The world is a small village now, thank God for science and technology! At least we know there is an Atlantic Ocean and an Indian Ocean. I am sure when that dude departed from Portugal, all he had in his ancient telescopic view was the horizon. The mirage of the water and the sky merging was all he saw.

He is definitely brave or perhaps mad to even attempt this daunting endeavor. He went anyway!

What’s the point here? I think I am lost! Focus Phil!

Yeah I got it.

In our Christian walk, there comes a time when we have to step out even when we know not where we are going. God through His Holy Spirit prompts us to take a step in faith. At that point, there isn’t much to go on with but obedience and trust! (Turn up the volume).

God is speaking to us daily, through prayer, through His word, through people, dreams and visions. What have we done?

Ignored, procrastinated and forgotten what He has said every time! He has asked us to teach our children what is right, he has asked us to seek justice and help the vulnerable, he has asked us to volunteer and serve in church. But we won’t yield!

Having said this, I want to view this through another lens.

Sometimes (actually most of the time), its not about disobedience, but about trust. Yes we have trust issues! We can’t seem to trust God enough to come through for us regarding what He has asked us to do.

We can’t see the full picture, so we won’t start. We want to get to India but we don’t want to leave Portugal!

Its usually by no fault of ours. The enemy has erected strongholds in our minds. Fear, doubts, insecurities, unworthiness and inadequacies are holding us back! The tactic the enemy uses is centered around “what ifs”, unhealthy competitions and comparisons!

You see the enemy is a manipulative liar! He makes us question the truth we know! He posses questions and the answers to these questions fuel our fears! They become the building blocks for erecting the strongholds. He tells us we can be like that person and enjoy the fame, so we begin to compare ourselves and we feel inadequate. He reminds us of the body flaws we have and we shut down in our insecurities! And ow he never plays fair, he hits below the belt with all the sins we have committed so we feel unworthy!

What if you go and you die? What if you end up in poverty? What if people laugh at you? What if you are not educated enough?

Well I am not achieving anything sitting at the dock either! A ship is made for the sea, that’s why there is a seaworthy test for every ship! You won’t know if you are seaworthy till you go through the test! (Volume UP)

God made us, and we are His masterpiece. Do you realize the choice of words used when He created us?He said NOW LET US! He saved His best for last and He rallied the God head to create you! YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!

You are adequate, you are worthy, you measure up, you can do it! Jesus Christ made sure of that by dying for you and me. So its definitely not by might but by the Spirit.

So how about this, the next time the enemy comes at you with all the weapons in his arsenal, we beat them down with the truth that’s formed in our spirit; the word of God that has evolved from scribbles into flames, capable of destroying the lies of the enemy!

Let us trust the Lord in all that we do and step out in faith when He asks us to, for He knows the plans He has for His children. (Jer. 29:11). He has seen the full picture. Just trust and obey!

And this gets even better, His grace is sufficient and abounds always!! When He gives the assignment He gives the consignment!

In the next part of this series, we will discover the consignment that is necessary for the assignment!

I hope this inspires us to trust God more in the new season of our lives!

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God bless you richly!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!

HE Wept!

Growing up in a Christian home, I saw a picture of Jesus in our living room. He was very beautiful as portrayed by the picture. Its almost as if He was a woman. I have held onto that depiction of Him until recently.

Jesus was not feminine at all, He definitely had a big heart but He was a man! If my calculations are right, perhaps He was a carpenter for at least 10 years. After his birth and the time at the temple as a 12 year old, the next time we here of him was at his baptism. At this time, theologians believe he was about 30 years old.

Per this time line, he mastered the carpentry trade. I am sure he had a good stature by virtue of his work. Having carried those huge logs and wooden beams, perhaps he had some good biceps or even ripped abs! 😄

Through the gospels, we read so many instances of him expressing his emotions. A popular one we quote often is Jesus wept. (John 11:35). He was angry, he felt pain and he expressed them all. One good thing he did was in any of these situations, he didn’t dwell there!

So I put this before you; dear brother, its okay not to be okay! Its okay if you cry! You are not a robot! Your emotions are a part of you and it makes you, you! Express how you feel, deal with it, heal and then move on! Discard the opinions of this century and the world!

Bottled in, tightly corked emotions,pain,resentment and bitterness, is a ticking time molotove cocktail waiting for the fuse to be lit! The slightest spark and there will be an explosion. Unfortunately, those who suffer most when we explode are the ones in close proximity; the ones who love us dearly.

I share this from experience, if you don’t heal, you will bleed on those who didn’t cut you. Swallow your ego and your pride, sit and talk to whoever hurt you, tell them how they hurt you and apologize for what you also did wrong (If you are at fault too). Resolve it now, tomorrow will probably be too late.

We have men today who bleed on their wives, because that ex girlfriend hurt him. Men who lash out on their children because of some undealt with bitterness from years back. Don’t listen to popular opinion, and hurt the people you love!

Forgiveness is a greater reward to you than the one who hurt you. Release them from your anger and your vengeance before its too late. Another phase of this is your ability to forgive yourself of the mistakes in your past. You prayed about it, God heard you, He has forgotten about it. Do same and move on. Don’t allow the accuser of the saints, plant thoughts of condemnation in your head!

It can be hard, but His grace is sufficient, His strength is made perfect in our weakness, let us submit to him and he will take away, the bitterness, the hurt, the resentment and the pain.

Imagine this, Jesus knew Judas will betray him, he washed Judas’s feet regardless! You can let them go, be free for your own sake and the sake of your spouse and your children!

Remember you are called to lead your family, as a priest, as a husband and as a father. Your actions will inspire and inform the actions of your wife and your children because they are a reflection of your leadership. Even in your singleness, you are a father in one capacity or another. Jesus said what he does is what he sees His Father do. That is evidence that the leadership role of a man is enforced by the eternal Lord! (John 5:19)

Another thing I discovered is, the enemy preys on our ego to let us hold onto the pain so we don’t progress. We are reluctant to make the first move because they hurt us, and they should be apologizing. Pray to God to help you through this. The matured one in the room is first to apologize.

You crying doesn’t make you WEAK. I am not saying go around throwing a pity party for yourself and telling everyone about your problems. Cry, get angry at God tell Him how you feel, He can handle it. Talk to friends you can trust, to give you sound and biblical counsel. When you are done, get yourself together and pursue healing!

It’s okay not to be okay. We all have those moments or seasons, but I plead with you not to dwell in the pain and the hurt others may have caused! We need a generation of men that will lead again in love!! Deal with the pain and the hurt; be free!

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God bless you!!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!!!