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HE Wept!

Growing up in a Christian home, I saw a picture of Jesus in our living room. He was very beautiful as portrayed by the picture. Its almost as if He was a woman. I have held onto that depiction of Him until recently.

Jesus was not feminine at all, He definitely had a big heart but He was a man! If my calculations are right, perhaps He was a carpenter for at least 10 years. After his birth and the time at the temple as a 12 year old, the next time we here of him was at his baptism. At this time, theologians believe he was about 30 years old.

Per this time line, he mastered the carpentry trade. I am sure he had a good stature by virtue of his work. Having carried those huge logs and wooden beams, perhaps he had some good biceps or even ripped abs! 😄

Through the gospels, we read so many instances of him expressing his emotions. A popular one we quote often is Jesus wept. (John 11:35). He was angry, he felt pain and he expressed them all. One good thing he did was in any of these situations, he didn’t dwell there!

So I put this before you; dear brother, its okay not to be okay! Its okay if you cry! You are not a robot! Your emotions are a part of you and it makes you, you! Express how you feel, deal with it, heal and then move on! Discard the opinions of this century and the world!

Bottled in, tightly corked emotions,pain,resentment and bitterness, is a ticking time molotove cocktail waiting for the fuse to be lit! The slightest spark and there will be an explosion. Unfortunately, those who suffer most when we explode are the ones in close proximity; the ones who love us dearly.

I share this from experience, if you don’t heal, you will bleed on those who didn’t cut you. Swallow your ego and your pride, sit and talk to whoever hurt you, tell them how they hurt you and apologize for what you also did wrong (If you are at fault too). Resolve it now, tomorrow will probably be too late.

We have men today who bleed on their wives, because that ex girlfriend hurt him. Men who lash out on their children because of some undealt with bitterness from years back. Don’t listen to popular opinion, and hurt the people you love!

Forgiveness is a greater reward to you than the one who hurt you. Release them from your anger and your vengeance before its too late. Another phase of this is your ability to forgive yourself of the mistakes in your past. You prayed about it, God heard you, He has forgotten about it. Do same and move on. Don’t allow the accuser of the saints, plant thoughts of condemnation in your head!

It can be hard, but His grace is sufficient, His strength is made perfect in our weakness, let us submit to him and he will take away, the bitterness, the hurt, the resentment and the pain.

Imagine this, Jesus knew Judas will betray him, he washed Judas’s feet regardless! You can let them go, be free for your own sake and the sake of your spouse and your children!

Remember you are called to lead your family, as a priest, as a husband and as a father. Your actions will inspire and inform the actions of your wife and your children because they are a reflection of your leadership. Even in your singleness, you are a father in one capacity or another. Jesus said what he does is what he sees His Father do. That is evidence that the leadership role of a man is enforced by the eternal Lord! (John 5:19)

Another thing I discovered is, the enemy preys on our ego to let us hold onto the pain so we don’t progress. We are reluctant to make the first move because they hurt us, and they should be apologizing. Pray to God to help you through this. The matured one in the room is first to apologize.

You crying doesn’t make you WEAK. I am not saying go around throwing a pity party for yourself and telling everyone about your problems. Cry, get angry at God tell Him how you feel, He can handle it. Talk to friends you can trust, to give you sound and biblical counsel. When you are done, get yourself together and pursue healing!

It’s okay not to be okay. We all have those moments or seasons, but I plead with you not to dwell in the pain and the hurt others may have caused! We need a generation of men that will lead again in love!! Deal with the pain and the hurt; be free!

Leave a comment below on what you think about this subject, and consider supporting the growth of this ministry by sharing this with your friends. You may yet save a friend from a devastating situation.

God bless you!!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!!!


Published by philtashy

I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and mankind. I am enthusiastic about all sports, swimming is my favorite though. I enjoy reading classical literature and listening to classical music.

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