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Uncharted 1

Vasco da Gama was one of the great voyagers of the 15th century. He was the first person to successfully cross the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean. (Lisbon to India). I really wish I can have an exclusive interview session with him. I guess that’s not happening. Documented history says that he left the shores of Portugal, not knowing where he was headed but he set sails anyway.

He successfully navigated uncharted waters and found his way to the shores of India! Before that, it was thought impossible, perhaps for mythical reasons or lack of bravery.

The world is a small village now, thank God for science and technology! At least we know there is an Atlantic Ocean and an Indian Ocean. I am sure when that dude departed from Portugal, all he had in his ancient telescopic view was the horizon. The mirage of the water and the sky merging was all he saw.

He is definitely brave or perhaps mad to even attempt this daunting endeavor. He went anyway!

What’s the point here? I think I am lost! Focus Phil!

Yeah I got it.

In our Christian walk, there comes a time when we have to step out even when we know not where we are going. God through His Holy Spirit prompts us to take a step in faith. At that point, there isn’t much to go on with but obedience and trust! (Turn up the volume).

God is speaking to us daily, through prayer, through His word, through people, dreams and visions. What have we done?

Ignored, procrastinated and forgotten what He has said every time! He has asked us to teach our children what is right, he has asked us to seek justice and help the vulnerable, he has asked us to volunteer and serve in church. But we won’t yield!

Having said this, I want to view this through another lens.

Sometimes (actually most of the time), its not about disobedience, but about trust. Yes we have trust issues! We can’t seem to trust God enough to come through for us regarding what He has asked us to do.

We can’t see the full picture, so we won’t start. We want to get to India but we don’t want to leave Portugal!

Its usually by no fault of ours. The enemy has erected strongholds in our minds. Fear, doubts, insecurities, unworthiness and inadequacies are holding us back! The tactic the enemy uses is centered around “what ifs”, unhealthy competitions and comparisons!

You see the enemy is a manipulative liar! He makes us question the truth we know! He posses questions and the answers to these questions fuel our fears! They become the building blocks for erecting the strongholds. He tells us we can be like that person and enjoy the fame, so we begin to compare ourselves and we feel inadequate. He reminds us of the body flaws we have and we shut down in our insecurities! And ow he never plays fair, he hits below the belt with all the sins we have committed so we feel unworthy!

What if you go and you die? What if you end up in poverty? What if people laugh at you? What if you are not educated enough?

Well I am not achieving anything sitting at the dock either! A ship is made for the sea, that’s why there is a seaworthy test for every ship! You won’t know if you are seaworthy till you go through the test! (Volume UP)

God made us, and we are His masterpiece. Do you realize the choice of words used when He created us?He said NOW LET US! He saved His best for last and He rallied the God head to create you! YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!

You are adequate, you are worthy, you measure up, you can do it! Jesus Christ made sure of that by dying for you and me. So its definitely not by might but by the Spirit.

So how about this, the next time the enemy comes at you with all the weapons in his arsenal, we beat them down with the truth that’s formed in our spirit; the word of God that has evolved from scribbles into flames, capable of destroying the lies of the enemy!

Let us trust the Lord in all that we do and step out in faith when He asks us to, for He knows the plans He has for His children. (Jer. 29:11). He has seen the full picture. Just trust and obey!

And this gets even better, His grace is sufficient and abounds always!! When He gives the assignment He gives the consignment!

In the next part of this series, we will discover the consignment that is necessary for the assignment!

I hope this inspires us to trust God more in the new season of our lives!

Like and share if this has been an inspiration to you. I believe God will be blessing someone through you.

God bless you richly!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!


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I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and mankind. I am enthusiastic about all sports, swimming is my favorite though. I enjoy reading classical literature and listening to classical music.

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