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The Prayer.

The inspiration for this blog is from ‘The Prayer’ as sang by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion and a Prayer for men by a dear friend Dedo Doku!

I love classical music, I love the orchestra, from opera to new age and any piece of music that is perfectly harmonised with strings, winds, percussions, and chimes. Nothing beats a perfect tympani at the end of G.F Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus!

The Prayer, is one of my favourite new age classical pieces. The lyrics of the song articulate some very important themes which I believe points us back to God in a very supplicatory manner.

In the second verse, Andrea sings in Italian. I had to translate the lyrics to make meaning of what he sang passionately about (thanks to Google translate). Here is the second verse in English:

I pray we’ll find Your light,
And hold it in our hearts.
When stars go out each night,
Let this be our prayer.
When shadows fill our day,
Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace.
Give us faith so we’ll be safe.

In our world today, the darkness is so thick. Seeing through it is become so difficult. So much compromise in our value systems. Trends by the enemy and his cohorts is the new normal. We are called to be holy, we are chosen to stand out, be examples, bear the torch and be the light of the world! (1 Peter 2:9)

That’s why I love the second verse of ‘The Prayer’. He says let this be our prayer(finding the light;God’s truth) when shadows( darkness) fill our day. The writers also acknowledge that we need grace and faith to help us do this!

There was a time when I confused these two words, Holiness and Righteousness. In my thoughts, they meant the same thing.

Having read some Christian literature, I discovered that righteousness is being made clean and given a right standing with God! There is therefore an element of righteousness in holiness.

Holiness however is bigger, it means being set apart, called out, consecrated! The opposite of holiness is ‘commoness'(I hope its a word). And the opposite of righteousness is sin. We can liken holiness to VIP treatment at a concert or an event.

VIPs have different treatment than the rest of the crowd. Usually, the rest of the crowd look up to them and aspire to be like them. God calls us holy because he has set us apart to set a new standard; to be the new canon by which common men will live their lives. We can’t afford to live our lives amidst! Do you notice how VIPs carry themselves around?

That is why this has become my burden over the last few months! We need a new breed of men who will stand and say enough! Let’s go back to our Father in heaven and seek His face. Men who are devoted to lead their wives, their children, their coworkers and their friends through the darkness of the world to the marvelous light of Christ.

Men with integrity, men who are diligent, kind men, trustworthy men, responsible men, men who pursue purity, men who seek justice for all and respect all of mankind, men who love unconditionally, men who Pray, teach the Word and live the Word. We need Kingdom Men!

My dear friend Dedo, posted a prayer on the Bible app recently and I thought we should all see it:

Even as we read this, I pray we are encouraged to seek God’s grace and pardon for our mistakes through sincere prayers. I pray that we all will develop a consistent and persistent prayer life through His grace. I pray we become men who study and live His Word! I pray we are inspired to live a life that is worthy of emulation. A life that gives God glory always!

Dear Ladies,

You can share this post to all the men in your life, and please do well to pray this prayer for us as well. We really appreciate you a lot!

The Lord is doing a new thing. I believe we will see His goodness in the land of the living.

God bless you richly!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!


Published by philtashy

I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and mankind. I am enthusiastic about all sports, swimming is my favorite though. I enjoy reading classical literature and listening to classical music.

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