Uncharted 2.

The ‘Consignment’ for the Assignment!

My obsession with the Navy is quite evident in this very blog and the last one (Uncharted 1). In the last blog, I spoke about what it means to set sails even when the destination is not pinned. I reckon also that we need some vital things to get to the destination.

As promised, this second part seeks to point out some very key things we need as Christians on this journey. For the purpose of this blog, I will call that ‘the consignment.’ A ‘consignment’ is everything which is necessary for a given assignment. Typically, when any nation has a maritime mission, the generals of the navy and whoever is involved, come together to decide what is needed for the assignment.

The Christian walk is no different. Everything we need has been provided by our Father in Heaven. He has given us ALL things pertaining to life and godliness.(2 Peter 1:3). Let’s dive right in and see what we need as we go through uncharted waters.

1. A Captain.

A ship always needs a captain. The plan for sailing is implemented by the captain. He ensures that there is effective coordination of the resources at his disposal to get the ship to its destination. He or she is trained to know what to do in every situation at sea. He calls all the shots. Without the vision of the captain and his guidance, the ship is bound for shipwreck.

The Lord should be the Captain of every Christian! In a ship where the directives and the vision of the Captain are ignored shipwreck is inevitable. A Christian who ignores the directives of the Lord is bound for spiritual shipwreck!! ( Louder)

2. A Map

A map is also very necessary to help in navigation. One can argue at this point that venturing into uncharted waters, what do you need a map for? While that can be a valid argument, at least having some documented guidance will make the journey easier.

The map in the life of every Christian is the Word of God in writing. The Bible is our map as Christians. We ought to read the Bible and seek to apply what is written there in to aid our voyage.

3. A Compass

Another very important instrument the Captain uses is a compass. The compass has the cardinal directions needed to implement the directions the cartographer has laid out on the map. Without a working compass, the map is useless. A working compass has to point North for starters and have a working dail to point the right direction at anytime.

As Christians, our compass is not external, its not an object. Our compass is inherent and is a person. The Holy Spirit is our compass. That’s the promise of God to us concerning the Holy Spirit. He guides us into all truths, He guides us to understand the Bible when we read it.

Just as a map without a compass is useless, the Bible without the revelation of the Holy Spirit is just ancient words. With the Holy Spirit we can understand the very words of God and relate to them on a personal level. We can then apply the revelation of the word to the peculiar situations we each face on the voyage.


Also we recognize that, to get the ship to port, we need sailors. Without the sailors its tough, and I dare to say it is impossible to get to the destination. They work together to implement the captains vision and plans for the voyage.

Dear friend, let me burst your bubble! You need help! You can’t do this alone! You need Godly wisdom and counsel that comes only from friends. There are times when we need some encouragement too. Let someone help you and you will arrive safe and sound!

Yes there are times where you have to keep some directives to yourself, but let the people that God sends your way lend you a hand when it is necessary! With that said, pray for discernment to know who you allow into your circle of friends.

I want to encourage you today, whatever God is prompting you to do today, whatever action He has asked you to take, step out in faith and take it! Its evident that He has provided everything we need. Trust Him, He knows where He is going with you. You won’t see the destination at the start. Just know that, at the end of your voyage, you will have a wonderful story to tell.

As I end this two part series, I feel so inspired to trust God even more. He has proven beyond doubt that He is always with us. He Is and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

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God bless you!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve The King!

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