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Ancient Words!

Words have power! The words we use are very consequential. Whether they be good and sound and uplifting or they be bad, disturbing or demeaning, words carry such weight. Words can affect our psyche and cause us to question a lot of things we already know to be true.

Words can bring hope and joy. Imagine a friend or a companion who always speaks to your soul and causes peace within even when you feel down trodden and defeated. That friend knows exactly what to say to calm your fears and give you new hope and an encouragement genuinely. This kind of friend, cares about you so much that they will tell you the truth all the time. They are ready to point out your mistakes and seek to correct you in love and restore you to a healthy place.

On the flip side, words can still bring discouragement and dig a well of sadness in the heart of men. Imagine a friend who will only spew negativity and make the situation worse than it already is. A companion who will burst out these words “I told you so” when you are in dispair. This kind of friend will only stroke your ego, and make you feel okay even when you are making mistakes that can cause hurt and pain in future. They are ready to sugar coat things, and encourage you to continue down a path that is headed to damnation.

I don’t know about you, but I will give anything to have a companion who is in the former category. A person who encourages and genuinely wants to see me at peace and be happy. Because let’s face it, there is too much going on and the weight of the negativity of this world can be overwhelming. The last thing anyone needs is that brother or sister who makes the situation worse. A friend who corrects me in love when I am being unwise is the kind of friend I want.

Reality check though ; there are times when we all act like jerks in one way or the other. We can be that negative energy in the room. I am learning constantly to be a carrier of positive energy, but there are days that I am just not having it. I tend to lose patience and before I know it, I act or speak some discouraging words. In my case, most of the time those discouraging words I speak are spoken to myself.

Let’s talk about the friends who always disappoint too. They promise to be there through thick and thin but when we need them the most, they disappear. Not chastising anyone, we are all guilty at some point. Even the nicest person can disappoint himself or herself more times than they are willing to admit to.

I have discovered that in our limitations as men, we miss it. But God is sovereign. He is not man, He can’t lie and He can’t go back on His word. So then I am reminded to look to Him to be the friend who I can rely on.

On one such internal dialogues, God taught me one thing. The Bible is the very word of God and the only way to relate to the words and see them as life giving words is through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

The historical accounts of the Bible has given me such an impression which unfortunately has led me to view the Bible as a story book. The words in there seem so far fetched for me sometimes. They are so ancient that I begin to think hard about it. Could these ancient words be true? And to make matters worse, its brought me to a place of viewing God as some old man with grey hair and white beard on a throne somewhere in the universe.

In as much as that is the case sometimes, I also see an amazing power displayed in the Bible and I am confident that the words are true. The peace I obtain and the joy that comes from reading the word of God, testifies to the power and the truth of God’s word. In moments when I feel defeated, nothing picks me up like the soothing word of God! So then I know that this is not just a story book containing mere words.

As ancient as the words in the Bible may seem, they are very true and living even in this day and age. The potency of the word is seen at work in our modern society as it has been in the generations before us and I know even for generations yet unborn, the Word of God is true and potent.

God’s word has the power to encourage us, uplift us, give us hope and strengthen us. The words in the Bible is able to give us peace and joy beyond the storms of the world. Now the decision to make the Word so tangible to us today as it was in ancient times is in our hands.

Faith is the first step. Believing the word of God in our heart is what we need for starters. When we take the word in its entirety, we see Christ Jesus revealed throughout. Once we exercise faith to believe in the sacrifice of Christ, we receive the salvation of the Lamb. After the salvation, comes the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit comes, he will guide us into all truth. He will teach us what we need to know. He will comfort us through His Words just like any good friend will do. He will correct us when we go wrong and will do so in love. That sounds much like the kind of friend I will choose to have.

Are you feeling defeated today? Is your heart heavy with sorrow? Are you feeling lonely at the moment? Does it feel like everyone who promised to love you has abandoned you? Dear friend, you are not alone! I know exactly how you feel. We all do go through those moments. I am here to encourage you though, I have experienced this and I know its true. That’s why I am confident to share this with you. God is your best friend, a brother, a teacher, your advocate and above all your FATHER!

When He speaks, things happen. He will watch over His Word to perform it. Everything He has said to you, shall surely prevail. You may be asking this question this very moment ; “if His word is true, when will I see it happen? ” I can’t give you a specific time line because who has known the mind of God? No man and certainly not me. But I can give you this assurance.

Just as a baby stays in the womb until the due time to come into the world, or a cake stays in the oven until its well baked, so it is with the word of God becoming alive in your situation. I don’t think we want things delivered prematurely or in any state less than the best. In that same light, God loves you and I so much so that He won’t give us half baked cakes or babies that aren’t fully formed.

Gods words are not ancient words, they are Spirit and life. They transcend what we can see, they have the potency to cause change, bring upliftment, and give peace. His words are true today as much as they were in ancient times, because God doesn’t dwell in time. Believe in His Word no matter what.

God bless you.

We are Kingdom men and we serve the King.


Published by philtashy

I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and mankind. I am enthusiastic about all sports, swimming is my favorite though. I enjoy reading classical literature and listening to classical music.

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