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The Prayer.

The inspiration for this blog is from ‘The Prayer’ as sang by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion and a Prayer for men by a dear friend Dedo Doku!

I love classical music, I love the orchestra, from opera to new age and any piece of music that is perfectly harmonised with strings, winds, percussions, and chimes. Nothing beats a perfect tympani at the end of G.F Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus!

The Prayer, is one of my favourite new age classical pieces. The lyrics of the song articulate some very important themes which I believe points us back to God in a very supplicatory manner.

In the second verse, Andrea sings in Italian. I had to translate the lyrics to make meaning of what he sang passionately about (thanks to Google translate). Here is the second verse in English:

I pray we’ll find Your light,
And hold it in our hearts.
When stars go out each night,
Let this be our prayer.
When shadows fill our day,
Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace.
Give us faith so we’ll be safe.

In our world today, the darkness is so thick. Seeing through it is become so difficult. So much compromise in our value systems. Trends by the enemy and his cohorts is the new normal. We are called to be holy, we are chosen to stand out, be examples, bear the torch and be the light of the world! (1 Peter 2:9)

That’s why I love the second verse of ‘The Prayer’. He says let this be our prayer(finding the light;God’s truth) when shadows( darkness) fill our day. The writers also acknowledge that we need grace and faith to help us do this!

There was a time when I confused these two words, Holiness and Righteousness. In my thoughts, they meant the same thing.

Having read some Christian literature, I discovered that righteousness is being made clean and given a right standing with God! There is therefore an element of righteousness in holiness.

Holiness however is bigger, it means being set apart, called out, consecrated! The opposite of holiness is ‘commoness'(I hope its a word). And the opposite of righteousness is sin. We can liken holiness to VIP treatment at a concert or an event.

VIPs have different treatment than the rest of the crowd. Usually, the rest of the crowd look up to them and aspire to be like them. God calls us holy because he has set us apart to set a new standard; to be the new canon by which common men will live their lives. We can’t afford to live our lives amidst! Do you notice how VIPs carry themselves around?

That is why this has become my burden over the last few months! We need a new breed of men who will stand and say enough! Let’s go back to our Father in heaven and seek His face. Men who are devoted to lead their wives, their children, their coworkers and their friends through the darkness of the world to the marvelous light of Christ.

Men with integrity, men who are diligent, kind men, trustworthy men, responsible men, men who pursue purity, men who seek justice for all and respect all of mankind, men who love unconditionally, men who Pray, teach the Word and live the Word. We need Kingdom Men!

My dear friend Dedo, posted a prayer on the Bible app recently and I thought we should all see it:

Even as we read this, I pray we are encouraged to seek God’s grace and pardon for our mistakes through sincere prayers. I pray that we all will develop a consistent and persistent prayer life through His grace. I pray we become men who study and live His Word! I pray we are inspired to live a life that is worthy of emulation. A life that gives God glory always!

Dear Ladies,

You can share this post to all the men in your life, and please do well to pray this prayer for us as well. We really appreciate you a lot!

The Lord is doing a new thing. I believe we will see His goodness in the land of the living.

God bless you richly!

We are Kingdom Men and we serve the KING!



The Purpose of Man!

Ecclesiastes 12:13.

“What is my purpose? What did You put me here for? ” These were the questions I hoped God will answer at a time when I was frustrated in life. Right out of college, I felt convicted that I will be a naval officer. I didn’t make it to the military academy. (A story for another day). I was very disappointed; first with God and then myself. I felt that was my purpose, that’s what God called me to do!

I was thinking purpose meant that big thing I have to do before my time on earth is over. That huge legacy that will have my name boldly engraved on it, for generations yet unborn to read about in the history books of their time. Dreams are free right?

Purpose is bigger than our career, our family, our background, where we live or who we get married to. All these are great things and may come under the umbrella of purpose, but the mistake we often make is we elevate some or all of these above the purpose for our creation! (Matthew 6:33)

In the book of Ecclesiastes (I won’t be able to spell this without AI keyboard), wise king Solomon had come to realize in what I believe to be his last few years on earth that only one thing matters.

All the alluring things and riches we achieve are good but a life lived in purpose is far more important than all of these. So he concludes by saying, the whole duty (purpose) of man is to fear God and keep His commandments.

We lost our original purpose through Adam’s disobedience. Christ restored our original purpose through His obedience. We are free to live as God originally planned. That is to walk in purpose!

So what is the purpose of Man?


Man was created to have a relationship with God!!

Does it mean God is needy? Certainly not! He created us out of LOVE! (You will see that when it was time to make man, God said NOW; He saved the best for last; Let US, He rallied the entire GOD head to create man.) YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!! THE APPLE OF HIS EYES!!

Living in purpose is not rocket science! Do these three things and voila, you are there:-

1. Talk to God through Prayer!

I believe we know that building a relationship requires communication. We ought to come to the point where we are ready to talk to God and be intimate with Him through prayer.

2. Listen to God when He speaks!

The word ‘fear’ as used by Solomon, means reverence or respect. When we respect a person, we are sure to listen to what he or she has to say.

What better way to hear God but through His word; the Bible. We say God speak to me, but our Bibles are closed and accumulating dust! Reading the Bible is walking in purpose!

3. Live Your Life by His Word!

Finally the verse says keep His commandments! The commandments are in the Bible! Don’t just read it, put the words into action. Live out what you have read. ( John 1:14).

Contrary to popular teaching and doctrine, I was thrilled when I discovered that, living in purpose didn’t require me to have a big goal. Its not a big mysterious thing I have to do. Yes God has great plans for us and these will happen through the small things we do daily. These seemingly little things culminate into that one big thing.

On that note, don’t stress yourself!!! Do these and you are walking in purpose always!

God bless you!!

We are Kingdom Men, we live for the KING!

Comments are welcomed, let me know what you think. If there’s a subject you’d want us to discuss, be sure to add to your comment as well. Thanks a lot!

The Kingdom Man.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion…..

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them..

I have battled long within, to get to this point of finally getting this subject of Kingdom Men out in the open. When I created this blogger’s site about a year ago, the last thing on my mind, will definitely be a ministerial platform. This is my first blog, I hope it measures up( hahaha).

In a quest to find answers about some problems I have been dealing with personally, God inspired me to take on this ministry, to be a resource to men who may have these same questions and have no one or no where to turn to.

For this cause , I pray and hope that this blog and all subsequent ones will be void of myself and full of God’s wisdom inspired through His Word and the Holy Spirit.

There is so much going on in our world now, the men who are called to be leaders are not doing a great job at it, because we are not being led by the Father in heaven. The fallen standards of society and so many compromised decrees has brought us to this point.

Secondly, society has taught us that men should be tough as nails. Men shouldn’t express emotions, strong men do not cry and many other coined expressions, has led to a breed of men who show up with smiles and yet cry within. Don’t tell, bottle it in and put a tight cork on it, you will be fine. I am guilty as charged.

Inevitably, there will be that time where the bottle shakes, and the cork flys off and boom!! We cause a mess. (I have been there, still working through it.)

I am setting out on this journey with hopes to address these issues we have ignored. I look forward to a dialogue that will challenge us to be better and do better by God. One that will help us be good examples and role models to our wives and children at home, the next generation that look up to us for direction, our circle of friends, our communities and wherever we may find ourselves.

A new breed of MEN who will carry the banner of God honourably as priests in our sphere of contact.


Hopefully the thoughts I share on this blog will inspire someone to diligently seek God and pursue Him with all his heart. I pray we receive joy, peace and love even as we take on this mission together.

Don’t be left out, let’s learn, pray, play (tongue twist this; I bet you can’t keep up.) and pursue the Kingdom Agenda!

Dear ladies, don’t worry knowledge knows no gender. You can enjoy the ride with us. Your husbands and your sons can benefit from this in future. 😊

God bless You!!